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Support Page

Need some help? Check our F.A.Q. or fill the contact form on the bottom of the page to talk with a member of our support team.

Make sure that:
  1. You send skins from Counter-Strike: GlobalOffensive, there are no souvenir items or skins from other games
  2. Number of deposited skins meets the rules of a selected game
  3. The value of a bet meets the rules of a game
  4. Your account is attached to your Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator minimum 15 days
  5. While trading an offer you should not ask a bot for skins
The time period of placing a bet in a round depends on the load upon the Steam Servers and can range from 2 up to 180 seconds. Items can rarely be added after a longer period of time because of extreme load upon Steam. If a bet is placed close to the end of a current round, it can be placed to the next game. We are not responsible for the situations which happen because of Steam Lags.
  1. Make sure, you confirmed a bet by Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator
  2. Check the status of a Trade Offer with our bot
  3. If a Trade Offer is accepted, but the bet is not placed to any game contact us by contact form on the bottom of page
The winning is sent by our bot within 5-30 minutes automatically. The sending rarely takes more time because of Steam Lags or issues with Mobile confirmations.
If you won and didn't receive the winning within indicated allotted time, check the following:

  1. You have entered a proper link in the Profile. You can get your actual link here)
  2. You have enough space for new items in your inventory to accept the winning. (less than 1000 items for CS:GO)
  3. Your inventory is public (check it here)

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